Technology is a cornerstone of any business. It is hard to imagine a successful company without it. Whatever way you use the technologies – your company is based on them or they support your business – there is always some space for us to show you how to make the most of them or use them in a way tailored for you.

We will help you deal with some basic tasks like safe data back-up and fast data recovery, as well as with some advanced tools like cloud technologies or complete and complex virtualisation of your environment including clients´ devices.
If possibilities are endless, all you need is to make the right choice.

The technologies we have mastered

  • Wide range of solutions for data backup and data recovery – from a basic backup as a copy on a local NAS to a multiple on-line secured backup deployed to many locations, including automated access testing and functioning of backups.    
  • Networks and supervision – It poses no problem for us to design a small network for a single office or a huge corporate network spread all over our country. Its supervision, monitoring and solving issues is taken for granted.   
  • Data security and access control – Data are priceless for any company and that is why their security is at the centre of our attention.   Data coding, multiple security and access control are commonplace measures which guarantee that your data will be available to authorized personnel only.
  • Virtualization and cloud services – Cloud is a buzz-word of our time – everyone tries hard to use it but, unfortunately, not exactly in the most efficient way. We offer our expertise to implement various cloud solutions, either ours or public ones  that will suit our customer´s needs.    On top of that, virtualization can help you work effectively and make the most of your company´s hardware and software. It can also help to implement cloud technologies and ultimately, the users´ workstations can become virtual. Everything depends on a company´s needs and job culture.