We are ready to help you with all aspects of IT administration starting with the purchase of technologies up to a total rebuilding of your networks and servers. Among our customers are big businesses operating hundreds of servers in distant locations as well as small firms which are pushing their way into the top league. We are able to process and present you with complete designs or consult your own solutions. What we always keep in mind is that you should get what you need to be successful in your business.

Let´s specify our help

  • Your IT development and strategy planning – we will help you to set a plan which will suit not only your current needs but the future ones, too. It will cover the development of your business and will let you focus on your goals.
  •  Optimization of your current IT  - till now, if you have solved the IT issues as you go along or not at all, we are ready to consolidate and optimize your environment. Simply speaking – no more blackouts due to an improperly connected network or  misconfigured servers
  • Security – we will help you to secure your network against attacks from inside or outside, we will design a suitable process of handling with the company´s documents with a due respect to laws including GDPR. We never take security easy.  
  • Licensing – we don´t think you want to spend your precious time by checking whether everything is properly licensed. We will be glad to inform you about the most frequent issues in this field, we will rectify some discrepancies and, if needed, give some advice how to economize on licences. Licensing is a jungle where you need a good guide to reach your destination quickly and safely. 
  • We enjoy helping you as we are here for you. It will be pleasure for us to find a solution to any other IT issues