The portfolio of our customers covers all kinds of companies from the small to the big ones. Some of them operate hundreds of servers while others will do without any.

Our customers come from both private and public sectors - it means private companies of all sorts as well as municipalities, government agencies, schools, etc.

Our dear customers include:

  • Customs Administration of the Czech Republic –for many years, we have been helping with its network infrastructure and servers
  •  Lázně Bohdaneč – town hall – we provide many services ranging from support for users to network and servers administration
  • Lanškroun – town hall – we installed a complex network of virtual desktops which are highly appreciated by their users
  • Králíky – town hall – we helped to create a big, fast and reliable data centre which supports both the town hall and other establishments
  • Pardubice Airport – we designed the technical solution and compiled the project documentation of the airport terminal  

Other interesting project we have completed:

  • A complex security solution of a vast computer network (covering all country) which included coding of all communication, checking and securing each and every of the thousands of  network plugs and other access points (IEEE 802.1X (dot1x) technology).     This security measures were reinforced with a massive implementation of GFI technology accompanied with some other methods and technologies.
  • A huge data centre based on Dell VRTX technology which replaced a few out-dated servers but with a reduced energy consumption and higher performance made for better work efficiency.  Remarkably faster arrays of discs, higher capacity, higher computing performance as well as security systems against power cuts and system failures brought us another satisfied customer.    
  • A desktop virtualization (VDI) which saved both hardware costs and a local IT guy´s job. The employees have now a chance to work from any place at any time but at the regular intervals and their virtual computers get renewed effortlessly. The local IT department got relieved of many troubles with solving problems at their out-dated machines, the problems cropping up on the long-time running operating systems – that´s quite a load of work.    
  • Modernization of eight basic schools in Pardubice – we participated in this project by delivering a complete set of servers and active net components including the settings and security measures.  It was quite a challenge for us because the school environment is specific and requires some modifications unusual in companies – namely concerning the security. Seeing how all these things benefited the schools, teachers and pupils makes us feel proud of ourselves – all efforts were worth it. (And we don´t mean only the pleasure brought by the complete Wi-Fi coverage. But that counts a lot too.)